Tai Ping Showrooms

Various Locations


The design for the Tai Ping carpet company's 15,000sf flagship New York City showroom drew inspiration from the original history of its site (Andy Warhol's Factory Space) while also engaging in the company's unique Chinese roots. The drama of traditional Chinese courtyard houses, where one must enter a succession of rooms before the main chamber is reached, inspired a rich entry sequence. The material palette of the showroom was kept to a monochrome minimum in order to establish a dynamic contrast between the architecture and the variations of carpets on display. Spools of vividly colored yarn sandwiched between clear and translucent glass panels act as a partition between the open, public showroom and the more intimate interior conference room and offices.

The branding principles implemented in the NYC headquarters were later carried through in the design of 15 additional showrooms throughout the world, with specific projects taking cues from their unique locations and context. Each showroom brilliantly utilizes an individual interpretation of Tai Ping wool as the driving material for both the spatial and decorative layout of its individual space.

Image Credit: © Eric Laignel